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Inflation clauses? Not used at Vydrica, we plan sales strategically

With the costs of energy and construction materials soaring, many real estate developers are now exploring ways to respond to this unforeseen development. We prefer playing fair with our clients; therefore, we always publish the prices of flats that are currently for sale in the Vydrica project on the project’s dedicated website. We believe that developers should not transfer their business risk to buyers. That’s why you won’t find inflation clauses in our contracts and we will continue doing our best to keep this status quo.

Rising costs, which are difficult to predict, especially in long-term projects, are inevitably reflected in the prices of flats, and developers are copying with this situation in different ways. If you have an inflation clause in your contract, the developer can unilaterally increase the price of the flat you are buying after you have signed the preliminary contract, due to inflation or increased input costs.

This is why it is so important to buy from a renowned and experienced developer that does not transfer its business risks to its clients, so they can be sure that once they sign the contract the price is fixed and won’t change.

At Vydrica Development, we have responded to dramatically growing input costs and prices by selling our flats in phases. We do not put them on the market all at once, but rather in phases and only release a certain number of flats at a time, so we can reflect further cost increases in current prices.

Thanks to our strategic construction planning and many years of experience, our Vydrica clients do not have inflation clauses in their contracts: they buy their flats at a set price that does not increase due to inflation during construction. And that’s a great benefit at present!


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