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Let us fit out your Vydrica flat and take care of the rental

Hundreds of our clients are already familiar with the benefits of the FitOut & Rent service in our completed housing development projects. We want to make the most of our extensive experience in the custom interior design and also fit out and property rental management to benefit our Vydrica clients. “We are convinced that unique housing deserves unique services,” said Jakub Ondrášik, senior technical after-sales manager with Lucron. We will make your housing investment in Vydrica worry-free in the long run.

Vydrica FitOut to save time and money

A stylish, turnkey furnishing of your property, so all you need to bring with you are your personal belongings, may sound like a dream. But thanks to our FitOut service, this dream will become reality at Vydrica. Our handpicked selection offers residential units of different sizes and layouts, designed by renowned professional interior designers who we have a long history of successful collaboration with. “The units come with a complete turnkey fit out at a reduced price delivered by our trusted suppliers. Our experience shows that we can help our customers save money and at least 2 to 3 months of their time, which they would otherwise spend searching for the right designer, a reliable contractor and, last but not least, shopping for the furniture, desired materials, accessories and household appliances,” explained Jakub Ondrášik.

Superior, natural, timeless materials

The individual interior designs have been inspired by the historical context of the Vydrica project. A key element common of all the interiors is a reference to the post-modern period, as seen in the minimalist design of the built-in furniture and the organic shapes of the freestanding features and accessories, and in the general attention to detail. Emphasis is also placed on maximising the use of available space via the functional placement of all built-in and custom-made interior elements. Individual designs use superior, natural and timeless materials, such as wood, stone and glass, and clients may flexibly combine them to suit their taste.

Price of the full interior fit out and all services

Neutral and earthy colours in dark tones prevail in the designer interiors, combined with wooden furniture items and large-format wall panelling, which gives customers the freedom to complement the interior with coloured accessories according to their tastes. The fit out price includes a fully furnished interior, including built-in furniture in all rooms, fitted kitchen and all kitchen appliances, freestanding furniture, transportation and additional services. Clients receive a clear price quote in advance, including all costs. Your personal belongings will be all you need to bring with you when moving into your new, fully furnished turnkey flat.


Vydrica Rent= long-term, worry-free property rental

In addition to selling the flats and providing their complete turnkey furnishing, we also offer the Rent service to make renting out your property, its management and maintenance problem-free and easy. Lucron Group already provides facility management services to owners of more than 150 flats in its existing development projects in Bratislava and Trnava. “Building on our previous experience, we designed our RENT service for Vydrica residents so that owners have only one task – to check the regular incoming payments from tenants. We will take care of everything else. We will find a suitable and reliable tenant, make all the necessary legal arrangements and take care of maintenance and repairs, both warranty and post-warranty, including regular technical inspections. A big advantage is that everything can be arranged with a single contact person at our sales office,” added Jakub Ondrášik.

Benefits of Vydrica FitOut & Rent property furnishing and rental service

“You can use our turnkey fit out service even if you are not planning to rent out your property. We can also arrange rental for owners who have not used our FitOut service to furnish their flats. We are committed to providing our Vydrica clients with the highest level of comfort in all circumstances, whether they own a smaller flat that they wish to let, or a larger apartment for their own use. We will provide them with full and professional property management services,” explained Jakub Ondrášik of Lucron.


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