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Juraj Benetin: We designed Vydrica so that everything visitors touch will feature high quality and durable craftsmanship

Architect and head of the Compass Architects studio. Under Juraj’s leadership, a large team of several architectural studios are working on the design of the future shape of Vydrica. Atelier Compass has also been involved in many other successful residential building designs and neighbourhoods for Bratislava. Juraj Benetin is a native of Bratislava and has known Vydrica since his childhood. The public may know him as a singer for Korben Dallas.

What was the main idea which inspired you when you created the Vydrica site?

The main idea behind Vydrica is continuity. We attempted to perceive it at two levels, the first being historical continuity, in which we imagined reviving Podhradie with its historical footprint and rich past. The second is spatial continuity, meaning the continuous connection between the Castle and western Podhradie with the Old Town, thereby restoring the original map of the historical city centre.

How will respect for this historical location and continuity in its story be reflected?

I believe that our respect for this location will be reflected in the area connecting naturally with the city and people finding it pleasant and normal to go to Vydrica, just as they now go to the Old Town. All of Bratislava’s residents will be able to meet in this historical area alongside the preserved historical artefacts and various monuments of Vydrica’s interesting past.

Several Slovak and foreign architecture studios are cooperating on Vydrica. Why is this cooperation such an advantage?

A huge team is working on Vydrica. In our studio alone, a lot of creative architects are involved in it. The division of work on such an important project is crucial since no one is an expert on everything. Together, we can get the most out of the project.

You often mention a pleasant human dimension when you present the project. What sets this apart?

Vydrica’s scale is based on the zoning plan created by the Bogár Králik Urban Studio. It is directly linked to the dimensions of the Old Town streets, such as Laurinská or Panská. Part of the human scale is work with the details and materials. We designed Vydrica so that everything visitors touch will feature high-quality and durable craftsmanship.

What are you most happy about with Vydrica?

Vydrica is our promise for the future today. I’m happy that such a diverse and wide-ranging team has been able to agree on this vision and work together. I’m especially happy about that.


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