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Corso: Shopping street

Retail premises

Open your shop on the Corso

Small shops filled with many different goods, a busy market with vegetables and spices, fragrant bakeries, fresh fish daily, local crafts, and the best ice cream in the city – all this was once available in Vydrica – just ask the town’s old natives! Open your shop on the Corso and experience the magical life that takes place right on the street.

The Bratislava Corso’s old tradition will return to life thanks to an extended pedestrian zone which will restore Vydrica as the city centre. The Corso will become a genuine magnet for residents and visitors.

By opening up new public spaces, the ideal conditions for businesses in gastronomy, sales and services will also open. The Corso will not only offer attractive retail premises facing the street but also excellent transport options, modern parking and natural movement of people. Fresh ideas and creative projects which do not want to get lost in large shopping malls will find their place in Vydrica.

The longest Corso in Europe

A location with a rich history

Smart parking

Unique gastro concept

The very heart of the city

Lively street experience concept

1.5 million visitors came to Bratislava last year

Tailor made shopfronts

Centralized administration of premises and events

Gallery and crafts alley

Daily footfall of 50,000

2,000 Vydrica residents

Smart Parking

You can easily reach the new destination in the city center by car. The world is changing rapidly, and our smart parking solution takes the issue of traffic crowding into account. Shared parking may be a novelty for most of the people in Slovakia, but it proved to be beneficial in many countries. It supports sustainability and does not oblige people to buy a parking space. Moreover, shared parking system effectively manages the needs of residents, visitors and also office space tenants in the area and the system is able to utilize the use of parking lots up to 90%. Thanks to the mobile app you will easily find a free parking space. You can also use the app to rent the space for a desired period of time and to extend the parking session if necessary.

8 500 m2
total retail area
retail spaces
corner shops
parking spaces


Retail premises at Vydrica

Ermanno Boeris

Sales Director, Lucron

We build on the idea that Vydrica is a promenade for everyone. You do not have to live here to spend your free time in the area. Local residents and tourists can benefit from the project’s central location.


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Office premises at Vydrica


Retail premises at Vydrica