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Trade and business has thrived at the Vydrica location since historical times. And this tradition is now being revived. The attractive location with a lively pedestrian area, which extends the Old Town promenade and the proximity of Danube, with the view of the Water Tower make this an ideal setting for a first class restaurant, boutique store or company office. Doing business in Vydrica will mean enjoying the unparalleled benefits and the atmosphere of the pulsating city.

Attractive public spaces

Convenient underground parking

Excellent access by public transport, bike and on foot

1.5 million tourists visiting Bratislava every year

Attractive location

Lively city promenade

Prestigious address in the city centre

Modern premises


People working in Vydrica will even enjoy their morning commute. Vydrica introduces a completely new approach to office premises, one that differs from what other modern business centres offer.

In addition to four standalone buildings with attractive architecture that will provide room for prestigious headquarters of larger companies, it will also offer numerous smaller business premises perfect for studios, creative agencies, designers and other successful businesses.

Regardless of their size, all businesses will find premises that perfectly fit their needs and can enjoy the benefits of a busy location in the city centre with excellent accessibility. You can rent or buy an entire office building, or any of the smaller business premises, whatever you need.

State-of-the art boutique buildings

Convenient underground parking

First class layouts

Energy savings


Vydrica will have a lively high street full of stores, restaurants and cafes for every kind of customer. You will be able to visit your favourite shops selling locally made and designer products, while taking a walk through the downtown and meeting with friends or business partners for a coffee or a quick lunch. Or you can have a drink or a superb dinner with a view of the Water Tower to wrap up your day.

Vydrica will be home to unique concepts that will become a magnet for visitors. If you have an innovative retail idea or a brand-new gastronomic concept and are considering opening your first brick-and-mortar establishment, we will create ideal conditions for you in Vydrica. Vydrica is also the place for established restaurants that wish to stay in the city centre, but are looking for fully-equipped modern premises and state-of-the-art technology.

Choose from our offer of retail premises to become part of the first genuine “high street” in Bratislava.

80 retail establishments

Excellent access

Culture and public space

Pulsating street life


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